Tips For Making Email Marketing Work For Your Business

You are probably like many people who have signed up for an email list, typically to get some free information or product, and then promptly unsubscribe because the freebie or emails are garbage. The following information can help prevent you from driving potential customers away. After reading this article, you can learn new techniques to make your email marketing more effective.


A great tip for email marketing is to update your emails with a “buy now” feature for any products or services. This also makes it easy for customers to make a purchase directly from the email. At the end of your emails, remind your readers of the up-sell.

Be open to feedback from your audience by asking for it in your emails. Since customer input is the most important part of your business, it is important to find out how your audience feels about the emails they receive. Ask them to fill out a short survey to determine if they like the content or if you send out emails too frequently. Also ask them for suggestions for future content.

Always proofread emails before you hit send. Make sure everything you send is free of errors. Take the time to check the layout of your emails on multiple platforms, such as computer browsers and mobile devices. Unfortunately, different devices can significantly distort text and images, making it difficult or impossible to read. If you will include links in your emails, test to make sure the links work.

Limit your use of images in emails. Many email services do not accept photos, so depending on images will not be effective. Some members of your audience may not have the appropriate settings to open graphics-heavy emails. Additionally, heavy graphics take up a lot of data to download in a mobile email client. People may unsubscribe purely because they do not want your emails using up so much data.

When you send a follow-up email to customers, try adding a product review. At the end of your email, you could ask them to enroll in a special opportunity by clicking the link. Ending your email with “P.S.” can be used to urge them to participate.

In order to have a good, reputable business image, you need to send out high quality emails. Designing a template is worth the extra effort. Your template should have a distinctive color scheme, your logo, and the same fonts you use on other marketing materials and your website. Continuity between different platforms is important for brand recognition.

Although email is an excellent marketing tool, you do not want to try a hard sell. Do not pressure your audience into making a purchase. When you do have sales pitches, leave them for the end of the email, especially if your audience signed up expecting to receive free, informative content. Use emails as a method of creating interest, not just a way to push sales.

Think carefully about where you add links in your newsletters. You do not want to inadvertently guide readers away from the email before they have a chance to read the content and call-to-action. You also do not want your major links at the bottom of an email, where they are more likely to be overlooked.

The tips listed in this article can help you put your email marketing plan into action. Consider keeping this article handy to serve as an easily accessible reference to implement a successful campaign.